Decisions should not be made by throwing a dice

If you're the person making decisions regarding internationalisation in your company, you know what it feels like to make choices that will impact the future of the entire business. The right decision could make you a global success whereas the wrong decision could take you back to where you started. To make more profitable, less risky decisions, you can make use of Palava Global's expertise, data and tools during different stages of your international growth. Where are you on the international growth path?

Your international growth path


Internationalisation is not a side project

Planning and managing your company's international growth is not a sideproject, it is the beating heart of your company's growth. That is why you need to be in control from start to finish and know before everyone else, what decisions you have to make next and what does it take for your company to succeed. Not that easy when you have a million other things to do as well, right? Our Roadmap can help you see the big picture and make the right decisions along the way.

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Everyone should go to the US? Think again.

No market, including the US, should be entered without careful research and established business grounds. Market selection is an investment decision, and only through data based comparison can you really know, where your business has the most potential and the best possible business environment. You cannot make an investment desion this important simply based on gut instinct, which is why we developed Market Scanner to help you choose markets based on data.

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To help your customer, you need to know your customer

Even if you have an excellent customer acquisition strategy in your home market, you cannot simply copy and paste this strategy to use in other markets. Your customers may want to buy through different channels or hear about you in a different channel in other markets, why would you not give them the service they want? Getting to know your customers locally is the only way you can build a solid market entry strategy. 

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Finding a partner is easy - finding a good one isn't

Finding a partner when you are trying to enter a partner will not be a problem. Finding a good partner that can make you money, however, is. Every market is full of the wrong kind of partners, and usually company find this out the hard way. When you know exactly who you are looking for and get to pick the best out of the best, you will get a great start to your market entry. Our PartnerScanner will help you find the partner you need. 

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Make sure you're ready for world domination

It isn't easy to stay on top of so many things at once while making sure your international growth stays on track. To make your life a bit easier, we put together a checklist to help you make sure you really have thought about everything. We hope it helps!

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Why does market selection matter and how should it be done? Watch the video to find out.