Choosing the right partner is crucial in a new market

If your international expansion is primarily built on local partners such as importers or distributors, it is crucial to choose the best possible partner. Many companies leave this decision on chance and often pick the first potential partner who contacts them. But how likely is it, that they happen to be the best possible partner for you? Even if you'll only pay them when they sell your product, what does it cost you to have a partner who can't sell your product or has a negative impact on your reputation?

Ideal partner profile

The most important part of the process is to define precisely what kind of partner would benefit you the most, and what you need from the partner.


Partner listing

We will gather a list of all potential partners in the market and narrow it down based on the criteria we built together until we only have a handful of candidates left for you to choose from.

Choosing your partner

Once you've had a chance to interview the candidates, you can make your final decision and choose the best of the best. 

Why PartnerScanner instead of finding a partner on your own?

If you have a precisely thought out criteria set for the partner and a clear idea about how to find candidates from the market, you may well be able to find the best partner on your own. But if you have chosen your partners randomly until now or have no prior experience about partner search, the PartnerScanner will help you understand how to build the process of partner search. With the PartnerScanner you're also likely to find candidates you may not have found on your own. What if the gem is hiding amongst those candidates?

Would you like to be able to see the big picture more clearly when it comes to international growth? 

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