The decision on opening up your next market is crucial for your success

Selecting a market is always an important decision, as your company will invest millions of euros and several years on it. Therefore decision makers deserve to have all the information the need to make that decision. Most companies pick their next market based on the wrong reasons and end up losing their investment or not growing as fast as they anticipated. That is why it is crucial to make the right choice.

If you're looking at the wrong data or do not use any data at all, it means you're making your decision blindfolded - which may end up costing you a lot. When you know which markets have the most potential for you, you can spend your sales and marketing budget where you know they can get you the results you want.

Markets to scan

In the first stage, we will choose the right markets to scan based on preliminary information on different markets. Often there's a clear reason to focus on certain areas: maybe your business is based on EU regulations, or perhaps your solution is aimed at developing markets.



Parametres, or the different qualities of markets, are chosen for your company based on an extensive interview with your team. It is crucial to choose the parametres that most impact your success. This part combines your expertise in your field and our expertise in internationalisation.

Data analysis

Based on our innovative data-analysis gathered from several quantitative and qualitative sources, we'll fill in the MarketScanner, where each data point has an effect on the final score of each market.


Why MarketScanner instead of traditional market research?

Traditional market research is often helpful when you know which market you're going to enter. But if you simply dive into market specific research, you're stepping over one phase: how did you end up researching that particular market? If you only research one market, the data you collect is not comparable. What if the world is full of markets that are considerably better for you?

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